EP 13: "Mary Queen of Scots" with Océane Lopez

EP 13: "Mary Queen of Scots" with Océane Lopez

The simple story of Mary, Queen of Scots, is that she was born royal, killed her husband, was driven from Scotland and died after spending half her life in prison. But, if that story was the whole story, we wouldn't be talking about her - or making glitzy Holywood movies about her - 400+ years later. Why has Mary's story endured? We decided to ask Océane Lopez.

Océane is a teacher and a researchers who has spent considerable time studying Mary, as well as the concepts of religion and gender in Scottish history. She's also a well-known on Instagram for sharing a fun mix of history and books. We cover:

  • Mary's biography
  • The reasons we remember Mary centuries later
  • A few things people might not know about Mary
  • Océane's thoughts on the recent film starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie
  • A few books about Mary that you might want to check out

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Music by RomanSenykMusic from Pixabay.