EP 4: "Whisky" with Rosalind Erskine from The Scotsman

EP 4: "Whisky" with Rosalind Erskine from The Scotsman

Is Scotland a whisky nation? Is that like asking whether the sky is blue? Of course, whisky is one of Scotland's national drinks (hello Irn-Bru!) and top exports. It's packed with historical importance, too. But, do modern Scots drink it? How do they drink it? When do they drink it? If I want to celebrate my Scottish heritage do I... need to become a whisky aficianado?

Rosaline Erskine is the Food and Drink Editor at The Scotsman and the host of Scran, a podcast all about Scottish food and drink. She's also a big fan of whisky. That makes her the perfect person to ask about whisky culture in modern Scotland. We cover:

  • The source of her own love of whisky
  • The difference between single cask, single malt and blended whiskies
  • Where and when Scots drink whisky
  • How prevalent whisky consumption is in Scotland
  • How you're supposed to drink whisky
  • Where you can learn more about whisky

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Music by RomanSenykMusic from Pixabay.

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