EP 9: "Local Hero" with Jonathan Melville

EP 9: "Local Hero" with Jonathan Melville

We've talked about everything from baking to whiskey to history, but 63 Percent Scottish explores a new frontier in our newest episode: film. We've chosen the film "Local Hero" which has been called the "definitive" Scottish film to discuss. Why is it a definitive representation of Scottish culture?

To answer, we have journalist and author Jonathan Melville on the show. He's the author of "Local Hero: Making a Scottish Classic" - the definitive account of how this film was made, which is available in the USA and Canada. We cover:

  • What makes "Local Hero" the definitive Scottish film?
  • The non-stereotypical depiction of rural Scottish life
  • The message Bill Forsyth was trying to communicate with the film
  • The soundtrack contributions of Glaswegian Mark Knopfler

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Music by RomanSenykMusic from Pixabay.

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