Five Fast Questions with Lewis McKenzie

Five Fast Questions with Lewis McKenzie

We asked Scottish Sun journalist Lewis McKenzie five questions and challenged him to answer each in one minute or less. Here are the questions:

  1. You’re a political reporter but you’ve worked in a few areas – including sports and comedy. All of these sound like a blast to cover. Which is the most engaging/enjoyable as a journalist?
  2. Comedy can get pretty subversive, but so can politics. Which beat has had the darkest humour?
  3. If I was to tell people “X is the heart of independence in Scotland” where would X be?
  4. For tourism-centric listeners, what’s a place in Scotland that everyone should visit at least once?
  5. Finally, as someone who covers a hot button issue, I’d bet you get a bit of abuse from readers on both sides of the discussion. How do you cope?

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